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WUDU Reviews The Trooper

John 'Bear' Willis from WUDU takes a closer look at the Trooper.


"Ranging in size from 18' 9" to 22' the layout and comfort of this van are difficult to surpass. Available in 8 uniquely designed ergonomic floor plans, the Trooper can be customised to suit your specific needs." 



Inside the standard Trooper has all the hallmarks of luxury, with premium benchtops, matte black sinks, taps, and hardware, match the interlocking cabinetry. The Fusion premium entertainment system takes audio to the next level while the endless hot water service ensures the most comfortable off-road lifestyle imaginable.


If you consider the interior to be comfort and luxury, the exterior is the complete opposite as it's built to attack whatever conditions you want to take with marine-grade composite panelling to fight off the debris and a Dometic Dust Reduction System to ensure your interior stays as clean as possible when tackling that peaky red dirt. The hybrid frame along with four solar panels and over 200 litres of water storage means your trips are able to go and on.


In partnership with G&S Chassis, Lotus has designed a revolutionary truss system galvanised chassis which helps cut weight to allow increased durability for this off-road van. Control Rider Twin Shock Suspension and upgraded Gabriel shockers handle every bite from the landscape while the disc brakes deliver optimum performance in the most difficult terrain. BF Goodrich's toughest all-terrain tyres finish off this robust van.


We have no doubt, and nor will you once you take a closer look at this beautiful van, that Lotus has a winner with the Trooper. Voted one of our 8 Best of the Best for 2019/20 I'd gladly take this van on an extended trip and be comforted in the fact that not only does it look good, it performs like a true champion.


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If you are ready to conquer your path in a Lotus caravan, you start customising your Trooper here.

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