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Top tips for keeping your caravan secure - Part 2

When preparing to head off into the great unknown, many travellers worry about how to secure their hard-earned caravan and camping goodies. So here's part two of our caravan security tips for peace of mind when on the road.


7. Recovery Tracks

These are an easy target for would-be thieves if not secured. You can install security pins or rack cables. There are variations to suit your brand of recovery boards.


8. Roof Rack Straps

Some travellers may carry kayaks or moulded plastic boxes on their roof. Whatever it is, you can use lock straps, which come in a variety of lengths. Some are reinforced with stainless steel cables and can serve a double function as a cam buckle fastening strap.


9. Sensor Light

Most vans came with plenty of lighting, but you might also consider a sensor light. It can be used to see the van door lock when returning in the dark, and also to light the area and see if anyone is skulking around. You can mount it on the van with two 3M removable hooks when camping.


10. Smartphone

If you have an old iPhone, bring it with you and activate the Find my Phone function. You can leave it powered via a USB charger, hidden, and installed with a cheap yearly SIM but be careful when leaving a phone on charge and you don't want any nasty accidents if the device overheats. While not as fancy as some of the dedicated caravan security systems, it is an easy and cost-effective way to try to find the van if stolen.


11. Don't Make It Easy

Make sure you hide valuables out of sight. Make sure the computer, camera and wallet are not visible and not near the entrance of the van or door of the car. Even better, install a small safe in a location out of sight, and use it.


12. Keys

We know it’s easy for you to have your spare keys just inside the van door. An opportunist thief can walk past and avail themselves of them then take the opportunity to clean you out when you’re off sightseeing. Make sure your spare keys are harder to reach.


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