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Top tips for keeping your caravan secure - Part 1

When preparing to head off into the great unknown, many travellers worry about how to secure their hard-earned caravan and camping goodies. So here's 6 caravan security tips for peace of mind when on the road.


1. The Vibe

Whether staying in paid or freedom camping, some places have a much safer feel than others. Talk to the locals at servos, information centres and business owners and find out how secure the area is. Be mindful of location advice you receive on social media, as always, it’s not the most reliable. And if one or two comments jar with the majority then it’s likely security issues are the exception not the rule. Wherever we are, we don’t always secure all our items, but in some places, nothing is left unsecured!


2. Wheel Clamps

It’s worth noting that all the wheel clamps available will add weight to your van when travelling, but all will also deter thieves. Make sure you know what size wheels your clamp will fit before buying.


3. Hitch Lock

Hitch locks add another level of simple security for your van. There are a wide variety of hitch locks available, though many people tend to favour those that don’t utilise a padlock, as they are to easy to cut with bolt cutters.


4. Security Cables

When at a campsite, secure loose items with tamper-proof alarm cables. They’re readily available now through camping stores, 4WD parts stockists and even Bunnings. You can use a shorter two-metre cable to secure your bikes, either to the bike rack or the van chassis, and a 10m cable to secure other loose items like tables, chairs, generator or fridge to the chassis of the van. If anyone tries cutting the cable or fiddling with the lock, the alarm will deafen them and let anyone within cooee know they’re up to no good.


5. Jerry Cans & Gas Cylinders

No this won’t stop ferals siphoning fuel but will stop the whole cans from being pinched. You can feed a cable across both jerry cans and gas bottles on your van, and that secures to chain at either end with heavy-duty padlocks. It’s not perfect, but a very good deterrent.


6. Car Hitch Pin Lock

You’ll hear horror stories of how the hitch pin and/or hitch was stolen from someone’s car. The easy way to deter thieves is to use a locking hitch pin. It is first secured in place with a pin and then secured with a locking fastener at the end of the pin.


Keep an eye on our blog for 'Part 2', coming next week.

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