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What’s great about the new Off Grid

Lotus Caravans’ 15th anniversary Off Grid is our lightest and most agile van to date. It’s had a few upgrades from the previous model, and the new features have made this already impressive compact even better.

The new charcoal composite looks alone are enough to have many salivating over the 2019 model but here’s a few more things that are great about this year’s Off Grid models.


The Off Grid’s Control Rider suspension and superior BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres on custom 17” Lotus Caravans wheels make it a dream to tow. And it’s size offers a lot of flexibility due to its tighter turning circle, especially on narrow roads. Its shorter length means it’s less likely to experience the battering of wind from passing trucks, too.

Fuel economy

A lighter tow will be lighter on your wallet, too, when it comes time to fill up at the pump. Any time you can save on travel is a bonus.

Tow vehicle

You should always have a tow vehicle that’s up to the job but a smaller caravan presents a lot more choice. If you can’t afford the caravan and the new 4WD together, a smaller Off Grid is right for you.

Electrical power

The Off Grid is designed to do exactly as the name suggests, and with its two 170W solar panels and two 120Ah batteries, you can expect to stay off the grid for longer. There’s no need to worry about electrical power when you’re out in the bush for extended trips.  


There are sacrifices to be made when choosing a smaller van over a larger one, but with the Off Grid interior every inch of space has been maximised for a luxurious living experience. And the some models even includes bunk beds so the whole family can travel together.

Every modern convenience has been taken care of including the bathroom and shower, dining and cooking areas so you can comfortably live off the grid.   

See all the specs here or design your own Off Grid today using the Lotus Caravan builder

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