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Crossing the Nullarbor

You can really feel the wide-open space of the Outback when you cross the Nullarbor Plain. The Nullarbor stretches across the southern edge of Australia from Adelaide to Perth, passing some remote areas and some breathtaking scenery along the way.

Norseman to Balladonia

The southwest, beaches and goldfields drive take you from Perth to Norseman and the beginning of the Nullarbor drive. Head east along the Eyre Highway and drive past the woodlands of Dundas Nature Reserve. Climb the granite hills of Fraser Range, circled by the world’s largest eucalypt hardwood forest. Walk through the towering trees and see Mount Pleasant rising over the forest. Drive to Newman Rock for views of the forest, range and plains and continue on to the Balladonia Roadhouse. This is where parts of the US Skylab crashed in 1979. You can see this and more at the Balladonia Cultural Heritage Museum.

Balladonia to Caiguna

Get directions to the nearby Balladonia Rocks for excellent views of the flat plains. The Afghan Rocks are 14km east of Balladonia where fresh water dams provided water for early Afghan Camel drivers. From here drive the 90 Mile Straight, one of the world’s longest stretches of straight road. Stop in Caiguna to see the Caiguna Blowhole.

Caiguna to Madura

Explore the Nuytsland Nature Reserve to see a series of small caves and collapsed caverns known as dolines. Cocklebiddy Cave is the Nullarbor’s most famous cave and the site of the world’s longest cave diving penetration. Book ahead to visit the Eyre Bird Observatory, you’ll be rewarded by seeing Silvereyes, singing honeyeaters, brown falcons and pink and white Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos. Continue to Madura for the night.

Madura to Border Village

From Madura, the highway stretches to Mundrabilla Roadhouse where Australia’s largest Meteorite was discovered. Continue to Eucla National Park and see the old telegraph station, which is being claimed by the dunes. Walk to the jetty and enjoy white sandy beaches. Cross over into South Australia at Border Village for the night.

Border Village to Nullarbor Roadhouse

Follow the Eyre Highway through Nullarbor National Park alongside the Bunda Cliffs, the longest line of seas cliffs in the world. See the country’s southern edge drop dramatically to the sea from five signposted lookouts. Finish up at Nullarbor Roadhouse.

Nullarbor Roadhouse to Adelaide

From here to Nundroo you will travel through Yalata Aboriginal Land and will need a permit to venture off the highway. Pick up one from the White Well Ranger Station and travel to Head of Bight. The whale watching platform is one of the world’s best vantage points to see a whale nursery. Skip ahead to Fowlers Bay for some fishing and hike along the sand dunes and spot wildlife in Fowlers Bay Conservation Park. 71km away in Penong, you’ll see old-fashioned windmills. Further south are some world-class surfing breaks. Make a stop in Ceduna and continue on for another 800km to Adelaide.

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