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Where the rubber meets the off-road

When you’re heading off-road, your tyres can take an absolute beating. But with the Cooper STT PRO Tyres supporting your Lotus Caravan, you can rest assured that you’ve got the best equipment available to handle the conditions.

For over a century, Cooper has been making tyres renowned for safety, stability, strength and performance. And the Cooper STT PRO is their most advanced mud tyre to date. Some of its most impressive features include:

Mud scoops and mud release dimples

Create air pockets to release mud from the tread, giving you traction on all surfaces.

Flex groove

Allows the tyre to flex, reducing resistance and diminishing the impact caused by different terrains, giving you more off-road grip and a safer ride.

Advanced silica compound

Cooper’s advanced silica compound is unique because it is chemically-coupled with other materials, which gives the tyre more contact with the ground, less bounce, less friction, better grip and more mileage. Cooper tyres contain four-times more coupled silica than other tyre brands. It also reduces cutting and chipping in off-road conditions whilst improving wet traction, which you’ll appreciate when it comes to braking.    


In addition to its high-tensile construction, the STT PRO features Armor-Tek3 – an additional 3rd ply on an 8-degree angle. Armor-Tek3 is engineered to give you 2.5 times more tear and impact damage resistance compared to 2-ply tyres by reducing the rubber gaps by 50%.

Micro gauge siping

The tiny grooves in the STT PRO, known as sipes, reduce slipping in the wet. As the tread contacts the bitumen the sipes expand and pump the water out from underneath for more contact and a firm tread between the tyre and the road. The STT PRO’s new micro gauge sipes are cut deeper into the tread block, giving grip all throughout its life. The micro gauge’s interlocking mechanism also prevents the tread block from twisting and helps keep the sipe open, increasing stability and performance.         

Raised rubber ribs

Raised rubber ribs and angle groove walls work together to eject stones and maintain grip, which reduces the risk of stones and gravel cutting and chipping away at your tyres.

Design your ideal Lotus Caravan in the Lotus Caravan builder now and put the Cooper’s STT PRO tyres to the test. 

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