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The Trooper – glamping just got serious

The Trooper is the ultimate in off-road touring. Gear up for one heck of an adventure when you’re towing this thing behind you because there’s no limit to where it’ll take you.

If you’re serious about your free camping, then this is the van for you. The Trooper is packing four 150W solar panels, two 100Ah lithium batteries and a 30 Ah REDARC battery management system to keep everything in check. To keep you hydrated out in the desert, you’ve got over 300L worth of water storage, plus a 110L Grey Water tank. Cooking’s no trouble either, the two 9kg galvanised gas bottles will make sure you’re looked after.

Lotus Caravans’ partnership with industry leader G&S Chassis takes care of all the towing. They’ve designed a revolutionary truss system chassis which helps cut weight to allow more payload for these off-road beasts. The cutting-edge Control Rider Twin Shock suspension will take on corrugations with ease and, in true Lotus Caravans style, we’ve upgraded the shockers to handle more heat and deliver optimum performance in the harsh Australian conditions.

If you thought all that was impressive, just wait until you hear about the interiors. This thing is decked to the nines with interior styling cues that look like they belong in a five-star hotel. The bench tops are top-of-the-range Laminex Diamond Gloss laminate and there’s two choices of lounge styles upholstered in Italian Leather. Have a look for yourself with the 3D tour.

Find your nearest Lotus Caravans dealer today to learn more about the 2017 Trooper.

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