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Product of the month: HYLITE Composite Panel

We use a German made composite panelling by 3A Composites, as it’s unrivalled in the industry and we believe it’s what’s needed when you’re cruising the country’s highways or tackling the off-road conditions. That’s why Lotus Caravans chooses HYLITE aluminium composite panels for the cladding of our caravans.

The HYLITE aluminium composite panel has a foamed core and aluminium outer skins for an ultra-light panel that is up to 80% lighter than conventional steel sheets or up to 60% lighter than aluminium sheets yet provides the same resistance. The panel is also perfectly suited to those sweltering hot days in the Outback, it can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius, for a period of 30 minutes so you can always count on it to maintain dimensional stability. 

The aluminium cover sheets have a H4 hardness which means it's strain-hardened. This puts them through a process where they are strained beyond their yield point and actually become stronger after they have been aged for a period. The aluminium is a 5005 series alloy marine grade which offers very high resistance to corrosion from the environment.

Lotus Caravans believe this product is exactly what’s needed to provide our customers with the very best structurally built vans and provide you with confidence that you won’t find a better built caravan than a Lotus Van.

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