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Tech while camping

There’s a common debate among caravanners and campers today – whether technology like laptops, tablets and the internet have a place with us on our travels.

The first camp reckons that this technology has no place on holiday. A lot of locations now promote themselves as tech-free, offering a bit of a “detox” from smartphones and social media.

Those who like to tough it outdoors agree – technological advances in camping equipment might be ok, but the point of a holiday is
to get away from it all.

The other side argues that smartphones, apps and even social media can improve the camping/caravanning experience. They might be on to something.

Here are a few things modern tech can help you with on your travels:

• Looking up local attractions and open hours.

• Finding the nearest supermarket, doctor or petrol station.

• Identifying an animal, a bite or a sting. Whether you’re bird watching or there’s a creepy-crawly lurking about, sometimes it’s better to know what you’re dealing with.

• Recipes: if you’re stuck for cooking inspiration, you can have literally 1000’s of recipes in the palm of your hand.

•    Staying connected with your family. There are plenty of apps that can track your movements and send updates
to family and friends. Otherwise, “checking-in” on Facebook is an easy way to let them know you’ve made it to where you’re going. Having people know where you were last is good in an emergency, too. 

•    Looking up the weather.

• Entertainment that doesn’t take up space.
Like to have a read before bed or listen to music during the drive? A smartphone, iPod or tablet loaded with books and music is a worthwhile thing to have – just remember to pack the charger!

• Education. There are some great apps that can enhance your experience while travelling. Consider the Great Ocean Road, Victoria: there’s an app for the walk in this area that provides accompanying audio commentary and stories for further information and education.

• Keeping kids entertained! If you’ve got little ones on board, you’ll know how important it is to keep them occupied during those long drives. A tablet loaded up with games, apps or movies is a great way to keep them entertained - and maybe even keep them from turning on each other!

No matter how convenient the tech is though, remember to put the phone down and enjoy the view once in a while. 

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