Choose your preferred exterior colours and checkerplate colour.
  • Angle 1
    Angle 1 Front / Back Angle 1 Sides Angle 1 Sticker Kit Angle 1 Checkerplate
    Rear View Side View
  • Angle 2
    Angle 2 Front / Back Angle 2 Sides Angle 2 Sticker Kit Angle 2 Checkerplate
    Front View Rear View
  • Angle 3
    Angle 3 Front / Back Angle 3 Sides Angle 3 Sticker Kit Angle 3 Checkerplate
    Side View Front View
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Please note: As the colours shown are graphic colours and not actual samples, variations between those illustrated and actual paint may occur. Certain colours may not be available from time to time. Customers are encouraged to contact their Lotus Caravans Dealer for current colour availability.